Our mission

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We have high standards and take pride in all we do.

  • Ale water filters purifies, removes dirt, odour and bacteria in such waters making it safe for human consumption and also reduces chlorine in water (0.001%). It filters up to 7000ltrs of water and you save money from boiling expenses as well
  • Noble service, Dokolo district in northern Uganda.
  • Poor families like this ones are directly benefiting from our good work!
  • Timothy used to surfer with three stone cooking method, which was so dirty, and dangerous to his life. We gave him a free BioLite stove to use.

We are true to ourselves, and commit to always performing at our best.

Frequently asked questions

Yes Ale is fully registered and licensed by government of Uganda, reg no 80020002510472

Yes all our products are tested and certified both locally and internationally.

Yes Ale offers free after sales services for all our products for up to 1yr.


We provide the best value to our customers by continuously refining our processes and cost structure.

Our community based approach is why we're winning the trust of many Ugandans we serve in the country side.